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Grant For The Web: First Public Call for Proposals - 2020

We are excited to release our first open Call For Proposals on a day of great historical significance. Twenty-seven years ago today, CERN, home of the web's inventor, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, released software that powered the early web into the public domain. By making the web's foundational technology free and easily accessible, CERN and Sir Tim created ideal conditions for the World Wide Web to thrive and expand into the vital public resource we depend upon today. continue...

AV1 - Video Codec. High-quality Video Without Paying Royalty Fees

AV1 is a new video codec that promises to help companies and individuals transmit high-quality video over the internet efficiently, without paying royalty fees. AV1 is the first project to come out of the (AOMedia), a consortium that promotes media codecs, formats, and technologies for the public web. Mozilla joined AOMedia in 2015 as a founding member. Mozilla sponsors open media codecs like AV1 because they have the potential to remove technical and financial barriers for people who want to create and share high-quality media experiences on the open web platform. continue...

Concepts 2

Concepts are defined as abstract ideas or general notions that occur in the mind, in speech, or in thought. They are understood to be the fundamental building blocks of thoughts and beliefs. continue...


Design of concepts or ideas, base with underlining principals of absolute sustainability as it’s core objective.

Flexibility, reusability, modularity, recyclability

Open source and public domain

Voluntary cooperative participation

Stride towards a zero new resources extraction

More on principals of absolute sustainability

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The proliferation of future ideas requires better tools

Open source / Public Domain / Free / Etical
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Why Open Source Tools?
  • CROWD-SOURCED: Low-cost, flexibility, freedom, security, and accountability – that are unsurpassed by proprietary solutions.
  • SUPPORTED BY A COMMUNITY: Constantly reviewing code, thousands of independent developers, vast peer review process that ensures security and accountability.
  • STRONG VALUES: More often than not, OSS developers hold similar values. In all aspects of life, they are advocates for more community participation, collaboration, and volunteerism. They believe in working together to build free, high quality products that are accessible to for-profit and nonprofit organizations alike.
  • PARADIGM SHIFT: Technologies and architectures sometimes grow stagnant, and open source projects with fresh thinking can drive change. Because technologies are released as open source, the entire ecosystem is able to move forward together, rather than just ‘near by’ domain and its users.

What Does Sustainability Mean?

Sustainability is simply the ability to sustain something.

To sustain something, we must prolong it indefinitely, which begs the obvious question: what is it that we want to sustain? Do we want to sustain our consumer lifestyle, our growth-based economic system, or our control over other nations’ resources? Sustainability, therefore, is the discussion around our ability to sustain something given the resources we have available.

ref./source: Sustainability Begs A Question: What Do You Want To Sustain? info: Future Of Employment Science Is Getting Less Bang for Its Buck


What Do You Want To Sustain?

To answer this question, we need to answer other one, "How feasible is the sustainability of the system embedded into one that it self in it's foundation is not?"

If we are to assume that that is likely unattainable than sustainability of any system turns towards evolving the parent one into more efficient version. This principle is to be applied to entire hierarchy.

By evolving parent one we achieve possibility for the child one, the one that lies a top of the formentiond one, to evolve further too. This goes against the traditional approach that we tackle the problem of one as in existing in isolation of the influences of others.