Sustainable development in absolute form

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What Do You Want To Sustain?

To answer this question, we need to answer other one, "How feasible is the sustainability of the system embedded into one that it self in it's foundation is not?" If we are to assume that that is likely unattainable than sustainability of any system turns towards evolving the parent one into more efficient version. This principle is to be applied to entire hierarchy. By evolving parent one we achieve possibility for the child one, the one that lies a top of the formentiond one, to evolve further too. This goes against the traditional approach that we tackle the problem of one as in existing in isolation of the influences of others.

Open Source

BenefitsOPEN SOURCE (OS) IS CROWD-SOURCED Cost, flexibility, freedom, security, and accountability – that are unsurpassed by proprietary solutions. OS also has long-term viability and is always on the cutting-edge of technology. It’s created and supported by a worldwide community of organizations and individuals, many of whom also live by open source values like collaboration and volunteerism. CostThe vast majority of OS is freely distributed. But OSS is said to be -free as in kittens- and not -free as in beer- – it requires maintenance, configuration, and ongoing support. The trade-off is flexibility and freedom. Unlike closed proprietary solutions, OSS can be altered and extended by any developer familiar with the source code. This grants organizations freedom from -vendor lock-in- and assures long-term viability. A widely adopted OS project is often supported by hundreds or thousands of capable contributors. SUPPORTED BY A COMMUNITYThese same development shops are constantly reviewing the OSS code they support, as are thousands of independent developers working on the project worldwide. The result is a vast peer review process that ensures security and accountability. Security holes are found and fixed quickly. While anyone can research shops and developers based on the quality of code they write. STRONG VALUESAnd more often than not, OSS shops and developers hold similar values. In all aspects of life, they are advocates for more community participation, collaboration, and volunteerism. They believe in working together to build free, high quality products that are accessible to for-profit and nonprofit organizations alike. This belief underlines the mission of the best OSS shops and developers. It pushes them to build new features and contribute these features back to the community. As a direct result, popular OS projects are always on the cutting-edge of technology. Paradigm ShiftTechnologies and architectures sometimes grow stagnant, and open source projects with fresh thinking can drive sea change. Because whrn technologies are released as open source, the entire ecosystem is able to move forward together, rather than just ‘near by’ domain and its users.


Donationware is a product that is offered to the public for free, along with requests for optional donations. Donationware is commonly considered a type of freeware because users can obtain the full product without paying for a license. One way to think about donationware is that a developer can operate on a lean business model. Donationware can also be a way to promote a particular design philosophy that could be called collaborative.

Self Sufficient

Self-sufficiency is the state of not requiring any aid, support, or interaction for survival; it is a type of personal or collective autonomy. On a personal scale, a totally self-sufficient individual that does not heavily relay on contemporary systems for common life activities. Without a self sufficient individual, there is not a much chance for a sustainable world in a long run.

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