Sustainable development in absolute form

Forward Creating is a platform for publishing and promoting contemporary tools, products, services, concept or ideas that contribute towards sustainable future


Design of concepts or ideas, base with underlining principals of absolute sustainability as it’s core objective.

Flexibility, reusability, modularity, recyclability

Open source and public domain

Voluntary cooperative participation

Stride towards a zero new resources extraction

What Does Sustainability Mean?

Sustainability is simply the ability to sustain something.

To sustain something, we must prolong it indefinitely, which begs the obvious question: what is it that we want to sustain? Do we want to sustain our consumer lifestyle, our growth-based economic system, or our control over other nations’ resources? Sustainability, therefore, is the discussion around our ability to sustain something given the resources we have available.

What Do You Want To Sustain?

To answer this question, we need to answer other one, "How feasible is the sustainability of the system embedded into one that it self in it's foundation is not?"

If we are to assume that that is likely unattainable than sustainability of any system turns towards evolving the parent one into more efficient version. This principle is to be applied to entire hierarchy.

By evolving parent one we achieve possibility for the child one, the one that lies a top of the formentiond one, to evolve further too. This goes against the traditional approach that we tackle the problem of one as in existing in isolation of the influences of others.


Future ideas requires better tools: Open source / Public Domain / Free / Etical

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